Internal and external transit of Iran around the world and vice versa.

Sea transportation

Export and import of chemicals by tanker ships - Ayzvtank - Flex containers and bulk cargo handling bulk cargo ships

Air transportation

Air cargo flight with a system to Iran and the UAE, most days of the week

Road transportation

Charter and cargo overland by truck Grvpazh from all parts of Europe and Asia to Iran and vice versa.

Export and Import

Has offices in all ports of China and represent a NVOCC (WWL) in Iran and incredibly affordable and competitive freight rates from all over the world, especially from China and the Far East are ports.

about us

Salis Rood Arvand Shipping Agency (LLC) Its activities from its inception as a shipping company International and Shipping Forwarder's internal and external in Tehran and also by establishing branches in all ports of Iran (Bandar Abbas, Khorramshahr, Bushehr, Bandar Imam Khomeini, Chabahar and Kish and Qeshm) and representation in all customs Iran has expanded its activities.

Salis Rood Arvand Shipping Agency (LLC) Using the expertise of highly experienced individuals with high work experience has all the services maritime transport, air, land, rail, transit, internal and external, NVOCC, warehousing, packing, inspection, clearance and ...

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Salis Rood Arvand Shipping Agency (LLC)

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